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9 February, 2014

the global finacial crisis and the war you dont see

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Theres something quite odd about this financial crisis.

  • Banks getting away with continued fraud, with only small fines and no criminal convictions.
  • Whistleblowers that expose fraud, being hunted ruthlessly.
  • huge amounts of money being produced to prop up an economy that would quickly recover if it was left to its own devices.
  • socialists everywhere being manipulated to blame banks and big business for all the problems

These are just a few inconsistencies in the global picture that together, just dont make sense if you look at is as just a random financial crisis. If that was the case, reform certainly would be in the interests of the establishment.

However, there is a way to make sense of all that is going on:

World War.

The USA and its allies are up to something BIG. Its costing a fortune. Its costing as much as a world war. Whistleblowers are being attacked by the USA like never before. The USA will make you regret exposing the truth of what is going on. Financial markets are manipulated. Public awareness and opinion is being manipulated, censored, deceived. The global financial crisis is not a phenomenon on its own, its a side effect of a very expensive war. thats the hypothesis being presented here.

So where’s this war, you ask. Wheres the bombs, the guns, the soldiers (a Hot war). Well, this war is a white war, a financial war.  its just as expensive as a hot war. Its a war to destabilize entire economies, thereby destabilizing governments. It still requires nations to pillage their wealth stores to fight it and ultimately to plunder to cover the cost. It still requires secrecy to keep ahead of the enemy. It still requires the cooperation – willing or otherwise – of big business in order to fight it.  All these typical signs of a massive war, but without the massive military combat.

So, the USA and its allies are fighting a war, a big expensive financial war against someone, but who? This is the most expensive war ever in human history, but who is the enemy?

Here are some possibilities to entertain you, in no particular order:

  • non-european DNA
  • the last dragon
  • communism
  • Islam

Sure, you can add countries to the list if you want.

14 January, 2014

The Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age and IPCC “climategate” fraud

At the height of its’ riding the wave of public concern about the climate, the IPCC pushed hard to show that our current warming is unprecedented, and solely due to human activity.

hockey stick 1999

This first graph is a scam!

Fortunately, it can now be shown this was a straight out lie. here it is:

The infamous IPCC-publicized graph, nicknamed the hockey stick, shows temperatures from 1000 years ago to about 1998, it was published in 1999 and used by the IPCC in 2001. you can read a lot more about the detail of its debunking here.

As you can see, the line is pretty flat until about 1900. But thats very inconsistent with reality.

What about the medieval warm period? (MWP) Estimated to be from about 900 AD to about 1200 AD. The vikings found greenland hospitable, settled, grew crops and farmed cows. Cows! This isnt possible even in the current warm period. Currently in greenland, farmers are just starting to be able to graze sheep and grow potatoes. even grow some vegetables in summer – in greenhouses. the current warming is opening new agricultural possibilities in the last few years. but its a long way from being warm enough to graze cattle. 

People grew grapes in England during the MWP. In England, specially bred cold climate vines have been grown for decades, but in the last few years, classic temperate varieties are now possible to grow in the most southern regions. but its not as warm yet as the MWP.

Proxy data from ice cores, sediments and tree rings, from many places around the world, show a clear warm medieval period which was up to 1 degree celcius warmer than now. And where is it on the hockey stick graph? nowhere to be seen.


What about the little ice age? (LIA) following the MWP, the LIA lasted from about 1300 to 1800, and included 3 especially cold periods. The English had ice fairs, and at one point the Thames froze over. This is the same England that grew grapes a few hundred years earlier. The people living in greenland got frozen out. the glaciers advanced, farming ended. And where is the LIA on the hockey stick graph? nowhere to be seen. yet its easy to find in the temperature proxies, the ice cores, sediments, tree rings.

This second graph is less of a scam!

heres another version of a graph, made from the same sets of data. Everyone is working with the same sets of data, because there arent that many, really. but the graph still doesnt reflect the reality that the current warm period hasnt yet matched the MWP. SO we must also look at this one with suspicion.


This third graph shows what has really been going on.

Heres a graph that covers a much longer period of time. ten times longer. It puts the current warming into perspective.  Its consistent with the stories and records from the MWP. It helps us understand why the Romans built bathhouses in now chilly england. You can also see that ice core data shows that the time period for climate change is really short. it happens quite quickly. just like the current warming.

Really, its so easy to find out that the climate is warming. and that its not historically special. So, why did the IPCC have to use such cooked data? They did so because they needed to in order to support their claim that global warming is due to human activity. That has become obvious. But, why did they need to do that? Why? Theres clearly something fraudulent going on, but what actually is it? Unfortunately i cant answer that question, only ask it. Because I dont know. Yet, Im sure its possible to find out. Truth will out.

Whether humans are responsible for warming, or not, hasnt been worked out. We just dont know yet. Because the data shows that the current warming is perfectly natural. Simply, humans dont know enough about the climate to understand how we are, or are not, affecting it. We are aware that the suns activity is a very important factor, but we dont know how much.

However, there is something we ARE doing that is much more serious. We are releasing lots of poison into our environment, and we already know its making us sick. Better to focus on that.

This article was just about temperature. not about CO2, or the factors that are known to affect the climate. Just temperature. thats enough for one article!

20 December, 2013

A solution for the YouTube copyright and fair use problem

The entertainment industry has forced google to let them automatically remove any video they say infringes on their copyright.

This is not OK because it allows the industry to remove videos that are legitimate due to fair use, or a video that doesnt even infringe on copyright. If the removed video is legitimate, then its illegal to remove it in this way, because fair use is protected by law. 

Youtube could allow videos to be removed only after due process has been followed. And here is a way it could be done. This process can be applied to all claims of copyright infringement.

The entertainment industry cannot remove videos automatically. They can flag a video as infringing. They can flag as automatically as they want. The uploader is immediately notified that their video has been flagged, and is presented with information about the due process and the consequences of winning or losing. They have a fixed time period to contest the flagging.

If the uploader does not contest the flagging, the video is removed from public view at the end of the reasonable fixed period. But it is still in memory. The matter goes no further, unless the uploader still wants to contest the flagging and blocking – for a reasonable amount of time. They can still do so and trigger due process.

if the uploader contests the flagging before the video is blocked, it remains available to view and due process is triggered. The flagger must justify their claim that the video infringes on their legal rights – they have a time limit to present their case, including the points of law that apply. Once the evidence is presented, the uploader can choose to accept or deny the claim. This stage prevents commercial interests from removing content without having to provide justification.

if the uploader contests the flagging after the video is blocked and before the resonable time limit expires, the video remains blocked for the duration of the due process. This allows the uploader further opportunities to be aware of the flagging and respond of they wish.

At this point, only the uploader and copyright protector are involved and there is no cost for the uploader.

if the uploader contests the presented claim, the matter is passed to a third party (not necessarily a legal authority) to make a judgement. if the infringement is found to be true, the uploader must pay for the judgement, and vice versa. This stage allows a low cost way to prevent commercial interests from pressuring uploaders into removing content that is legitimate but disliked by the flagger. It should consist of a non-judicial assessment panel, where videos are assessed by one or more people, as required to make a legitimate judgment. Its important that the costs of this stage are low, so as to allow uploaders with little money to participate int he due process rather than be intimidated out by potential costs.

if the third party – that reviews the claim – chooses to pass on the claim for further judgement (if the matter is uncertain), both parties are informed they can withdraw their contest. the cost of judgement is paid by the one that withdraws. This stage is part of the mechanism that allows the previous one to be low cost. obvious claims can be dealt with quickly and cheaply.

if both parties continue with the contest, they enter a more legal process, and obviously, the costs progressively increase until there is a winner, and the loser pays the costs.

The point of this process is to allow youtube uploaders opportunity to benefit from fair use of others’ work. It provides a mechanism for the process to be zero or no cost, unless both parties contest the claim. this process can be applied to any electronic or online content.

Its considered by many that copyright is a different situation online, not so justified. Many people consider electronic property to be different to material property. So, people feel they have a right to access that property (such as artistic productions) for free. However, the battle currently being waged over copyright stems from the fact that it costs money to produce artistic entertainment, and an industry has developed around it. Therefore, if the product doesnt attract income, the industry will disappear. So, its a right for the industry to try to get fair payment from people who consume their product. But, if the industry uses its power to prevent competition to its products, thats a matter for anti-monopoly laws and should be pursued vigorously by all governments. However, in reality, we know that commercial interests take advantage of corruption and financial influence to protect their interests.

Culturally, people that insist on accessing industry products for free or a price too low to pay for the product development, should think about what really enriches their lives. By consuming the artistic products of others, you are spending time not producing their own art, not enjoying the personal benefits of expressing themselves artistically. If the cost of industry products is more than you want to pay, then enrich your lives by producing your own content! Its far more rewarding, and legitimate. Let the industry not sell their overpriced product. In return you will find your own talents. You will enjoy that far more than the best industry products.  If the industry blocks your access to markets for your product, you can legitimately complain and fight about that.

18 December, 2013

A conversation about enlightenment

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you: whats that?

me: its a blue cup

you: how can you be sure? why is it a blue cup?

them (laughing): its a blue cup, what is there to doubt? we all know what cup is. we all know what blue is. we all know that everyone else knows the same answer. no-one disagrees.

me: here i am. im it, looking out of my eyes. i’m consciousness. i’m the real me.

you: how can you say that? i was taught that “the real self” is like awakening from a dream. something totally different from what i experience. and i feel the same as i always felt, and ive been like this the whole time. why do you say you are the real you when you havent changed from the way you have always been? it goes against what i was taught! so, you are wrong.

them (serious): yes, i learned that too: that the real me is different from what i experience now. but i cant work out what the real me is? i search and search, and i cant find it. also i know that i feel the same way as always. so, i too must also not be my real self.

me: its an incorrect teaching. you are already the real you. you have been taught to believe you are not yet the real you. but there you are, looking out of your eyes, observing the world. how are you not yourself? how are you different from the real you? you are it and always have been.

you: but, great teachers have taught that the real me is asleep, and that i must awaken. thats very different from feeling the same way as always!

me: certainly, its not the same. be careful how you listen to the great teachers. your beliefs want to cling on to a small part of their teaching that suits your idea of “poor me”. that mindset doesnt want to throw away the comfortable home it has found to live in. if you listen to all of their teachings, you will hear them say that they feel the same as before, that their beliefs have changed. they are not different, but they see things differently. They have not changed, but their thinking has changed. Listen to them again.

them: i have found inconsistency in the teachings of all the great teachers. i suppose they try to explain things in different ways and encounter the limitations of language. I do the same thing myself when i try to explain something.

me: so, here i am, still looking out of my eyes. im still  it, im consciousness, ive been here this whole time. i was never ‘asleep’. as my thinking about who and what i am has changed, my self has not changed, not at all. in the past, i believed some things that other people told me, and ignored other things they taught. i didnt believe what i saw with my own eyes. eventually, i paid attention to what i saw with my own eyes. and i realized, here i am. i am consciousness. i am right here. i was here all along, despite believing otherwise. i am awake. i was awake all along, despite believing otherwise. therefore, i am enlightened from the delusion unconsciously given to me. i dont need to be enlightened from myself. i am already it. And i feel the same as before.

you: i’ll get back to you about that.

me: i’ll be here, as always.

11 December, 2013

The magnetic moon

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I recently watched a great time lapse of the moon that showed its wobbles as it orbits the earth. It really highlights the extraordinary behavior of the moon.

In the NASA video (, the libration of the moon is clearly shown. Libration means the wobbling, and the moon has longitudinal and latitudinal libration. You can achieve the same affect by hanging a ball from a string, and shaking the string a little. The moon always has one side facing the earth and scientists call this tidal locking. They explain it using only the force of gravity. However, the really fascinating thing is the rotational libration. Even more amazingly, it also stays the right way up, rotating back and forth. Scientists say this is caused by something similar to the earth having seasons as it rotates around the sun. But this is not the same kind of movement. Scientists say that the gravitational effect of the tides is enough to contain the huge oscillation of the moon. But, this cannot exert enough force because its a tiny anomaly in earths gravitational shape – the shape of which has since been found to be ‘like a potato’.

I propose that the libration of the moon is not caused by gravitational effects, but by electromagnetism. The moon is a permanent magnet, its rock being magnetized in the same way as Earth rocks. It oscillates about a position fixed by much stronger electromagnetic forces. Measurement of the moons magnetic field show that is is much weaker than that of the earth, but present.

The magnetic property of rocks is familiar on earth. In the past, the same source of energy that still keeps the earth molten on the inside also kept the moon molten. Being smaller, the moon cooled down earlier and solidified. It solidified in the presence of the earths magnetic field, which caused the crystals of rock to magnetically align. This is a well known effect in rocks on earth and is widely accepted. The best example is the seabed rocks adjacent to mid-ocean ridges. As the rock parts, new lava rises and cools. The crystals align with the earths magnetic field as they solidify. The rock records the direction of the magnetic field at the time of solidification.

Bands of oppositely orientated magnetic alignment show that the earths magnetic field flips with some regularity, with a hundred thousand or more years between events. These magnetic ‘stripes’ indicate the earths magnetic field has flipped many times in the distant past. This idea is also supported by the rapid acceleration of the north magnetic pole toward Russia, over the last few decades. Some people feel the earths magnetic field will flip within years from now, yet there is no way to predict it as there is no recorded precedence.

The moon, being a magnet, aligns with the earths electromagnetic field. It is this force that holds the moon in place, not the gravitational affect of tides. Also, the rotation of the moon is locked to the earths magnetic field. The electromagnetic ‘poles’ of the moon align with the earths poles.

This proposal for the mechanism of locking the orientation of the moon to the earth implies an interesting prediction. When the poles of earths magnetic field eventually flip again, it will be followed closely by the orientation of the moon, which will not stay the ‘right way p’, but ‘turn on its head’. The same side will continue to face earth, but it will be upside down. If this actually occurs, it would more than adequately show that magnetism is the cause of the moons locked orbit.

4 December, 2013

The belief about awakening from a spiritual sleep is false!

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It’s one of the things i have heard so often from spiritual teachers: ‘You are asleep and need to awaken into reality’. ‘You are not what you are meant to be’. ‘You must change’. ‘Awaken from your slumber of ignorance’.

We know something about sleep. The difference between the experience of sleep and that of waking is enormous. It’s two completely different worlds. By listening to this spiritual advice, we expect enlightenment to be an event or process which brings about an inconcievably different experience of life. The analogy infers a great difference.

However, the progress we make on the spiritual path doesnt give this result. We gradually let go of this and that attachment and false belief, and we feel better and our lives improve. Yet, our experience of life is that we are still the same person. we feel essentially the same, minus some of the suffering brought about by the lifting of deceptive beliefs. What we do in our lives may change a lot, but we are still ourselves, percieving the world through the body that hosts our awareness.

Consequently, following the learned belief of awakening from sleep, we conclude that our awakening has not yet happened, and we look forward to some future moment where we awaken into the experience of our true selves. As long as we hold this belief about awakening, we can only conclude that we have not awakened, and we havent achieved the goal that our minds wish to achieve. We conclude that we havent made it yet. But, this analogy is false and harmful.


We’re awake! We are already our true selves! We are already it! Our minds may sometimes be overwhelmed by false beliefs that interfere with our lives and prevent us from expressing our true selves, but we are already our true selves. We may be buffeted, jostled and shoved around by the activity of our deluded minds, but it is our true selves that are experiencing it. We are not asleep, but deluded – deluded by false beliefs given to us by other people that also have false beliefs.

The belief about awakening from a spiritual slumber is just another false belief to discard. We’re not going to feel fundamentally different from how we feel now. We will continue to feel like ourselves. We will continue to challenge our minds and beliefs. We will continue to discard those beliefs which dont reflect the truth and cause diffculty in our lives. We are doing this and are being successful. We are gradually becoming enlightened by discarding false beliefs. Sometimes we will have big shifts in our progress, but usually they will be small. This is the natural order, where the bigger are fewer.

Discard the false belief about awakening and allow the self to see its success and progress. Teach the mind the truth about everything. Free the mind from the belief that it must control everything and be the boss. Be mindful and question everything the mind does and believes. Discard those things that conflict with reality. Enjoy the results.

2 December, 2013

According to spiritual teachers, achieving enlightenment is straightforward. Why cant anyone do it?

Enlightenment. Lots of people want it. Hardly anyone gets it.

Spiritual teachers, who are supposedly enlightented, teach how to achieve what they achieved. So, how are their students actually going? In the videos of their teaching, theres just a whole bunch of people not able to get it. The teacher teaches: Do this, do that. Dont do this, dont do that. So the students try. And cannot. Why?

The students, trying to achieve inner peace and enlightenment, do make a lot of progress toward it. The teachers travel around, teaching everywhere, helping millions of people feel better and have happier lives. Not everyone can do this. Clearly. they have achieved something pretty great. And their students achieve a lot. Chances are, they are the main reason why their students have found happiness in life. Thats pretty awesome. You cant buy that at the supermarket.

Gautama the Buddha, 2500 years ago, eventually taught the middle way. He decided that doing a whole bunch of extreme things wouldnt necessarily get someone – his students – to enlightenment. Take the middle path, he taught. But thats not what he did. Before he became enlightened, he went through a set of extreme experiences. Another example of a great teacher is Eckhart Tolle. Also, he went through extreme experiences. Is that what is required for enlightenment? Maybe. Everyones story is different. So, what do they have in common. Is it really about what they did, or is it something about themselves? Is it only possible for certain people to become enlightened? Or, can anyone do it? The reality is that only certain people achieve it, or something like it. Most people never achieve it, but they do achieve something they appreciate for their whole life.

People seem to get stuck at that final part. Perceiving their mind as separate from the self that is perceiving. Being able to sit with their true self and observe the mind as a separate thing which is not the self. The mind being the source of language and words. That part of the mind that is the commentator of life and rarely shuts up. We are taught it is not who we are, and to see ourselves separate from it. Its not so impossible to separate other peoples voices in our head, but our voice seems impossible to pry apart from the true self. Many people experience brief moments where the stream of words stops, and the self is there, as always, silent. Clearly, the running commentary isnt required for the self to exist. Yet when it returns, its just as inseparable from the self as ever. So, that silence – and the nice feeling that comes with it – is pursued for the rest of their life. Simply because of the idea that the noise of the mind is not the true self.

The other approach to achieving enlightenment is to systematically cleanse the self of inner conflict. Events in our life trigger something in our mind and we go off on a trip into insane behavior – fear or violence – and we are totally caught up in that reaction, without the ability to observe it rationally. Teachers show us to try to observe it and not get carried away. Not get into that fight or have that panic attack. But catch the reaction and observe it, rather than be a slave to it. With practice it becomes easier and leads to greater understanding of ourselves. Our lives improve immeasurably, simply by the absence of the unconscious reactions. We improve our inner peace. We feel we are moving toward enlightenment, but are not there yet. This approach is something everyone can do and have success at. Its the opposite of being able to separate at will from the inner commentary. Its do-able. The results are permanent. Life improves dramatically.

Well, who’s to say that life without those reactions is any different to enlightenment? Sure, it takes a long time to sort through all that crap in our heads, and forgive those that imposed it upon us. Isnt that enough? Cant we then say “I made it”? If we are free of all those silly reactions to the world, and always live in peace, can we say we are enlightened? Maybe its impossible for us to separate our true self from the running commentary. Maybe its just impossible for the moment.

Leave the impossible for later.

28 November, 2013

How to become enlightened?

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Its a funny question, because its usually asked from the point of view of getting something, reaching a goal, finding something. That’s not what its about. My answer draws on my own experience and the teachings of others. Its a guide toward the right direction, not a set of instructions to follow. Everyone must find their own way, you cannot be taken to enlightenment.

One vague analogy involves a person that asks: “Where’s my glasses?” and another replies: “on your face”. The first person says “oh, they were right here the whole time i was looking for them”. So it is for the spirital journey. Its a journey to uncover your true self, not to find it.

Many spiritual teachers point out that you cant make yourself enlightened. They point out that your thinking is controlled by a false set of beliefs that is used to thinking about life as something that is made. You are taught to make something of your life, to go and get what you want. And you are taught by society, community and probably family, that looking within is not only pointless, but stupid and something to mock. You cant see the reality of yourself with a false set of beliefs, so the task at hand is to get rid of your beliefs, and there you will be.

Becoming enlightened is the act of allowing it, not making it. Its about letting go of the ideas you have taken on about who you are. Its about realizing that you already are your true self, and you can just go through the process of peeling off the layers of delusion that have been placed on your mind. The mind is not a bad thing to be overcome, but a useful tool to be cleaned up and polished. Your mind has been taught to lie to you about who and what you really are.

We are taught to accept as true the things we are taught. We are coerced to believe it, even forced. Before we are about 7, we dont really have the ability to question or think critically. we just accept others’ words as fact. This must change. You are no longer a child and being gullible no longer serves a purpose. You cant believe everything you hear, so how do you handle new information? One way is to label it with “unproven” – just dont believe anything that comes your way, any more than evidence supports it. And you can just take the whole lot of what is already in your mind and put this label on it. No material evidence, no correlation with what you have proven for yourself, no belief.

You can choose to be your true self and have your mind as a tool to do your bidding, rather than the bidding of others.

Its about freeing your mind from false beliefs, not freeing yourself from your mind. You cetrainly need a mind to be able to live on earth in human form. The mind is required to manage life in a material world. So, continue the process of cleaning the bad thoughts out of your mind. It wont happen overnight. cleaning takes time and effort. Of course, when you are cleaning, you will find things you are attached to and will have trouble throwing them out. Perhaps you will get distracted by it and stop cleaning for a while. OK, dust them off and place them neatly. You can come back to it later, when you are ready. First throw out the things you really dont want. Its satisfying to make a good start.

In time you will come to beliefs that are so strong, its hard to challenge them. If they are untouchable, leave them and come back to them later, when you are stronger and can see them for what they really are.

Eventually – i cant say how long it will take – you will clear your mind of false beliefs and you will allow your self to be who you really are. You will see that the real you was right here all the time, waiting for you to overcome the delusion.

Then you can say to yourself: “I was right here the whole time”.

17 November, 2013

“God” communicates constantly with everyone.

Let me start by clarifying my definition of God. My version of god is the single universal consciousness, the oneness of everything, the interconnectedness of all things, that reaches to every part of the universe and excludes nothing, and is that part of the universe that is self-aware, conscious.

It is the task of religion to say we are not God, therefore they must make the rule that nobody can have a personal relationship with god – because we wouldnt need them as an intermediary. The most we are allowed is to have a personal relationship with a “son of god”, or a “holy prophet” etc. But lets be really clear, in religion (and science), we are quite definitely not god. And thats a bare faced lie.

We are quite definitely god.

And we also have the free will contained in our mind, to believe we are whatever we were taught to believe- or choose to believe. Religion takes advantage of this and teaches our mind to believe that we are not god and all sorts of ideas that go along with that. Just make up anything, it will suffice if it includes popular superstitions

The reality is that god communitcates constantly with us through our “heart”. Never with words, only with inspiration and dread. Some people call it divine inspiration, thats a suitable term. Let me make one point very clear. God NEVER speaks to anyone. God NEVER uses words. However, a suitably self-aware person can accurately translate the communications of god into words, in order to communicate the inspiration of god with others. This person could be called a prophet.

Gods communication through the heart appears as inspiration or dread, or neither. A person is inspired to act in a certain way, and to follow that inspiration is to take that action with glee, without weariness, without uncertainty or doubt. Alternatively, god will inspire us to avoid or dread a particular act, or just wait.  Our mind must engage in great personal conflict in order to act differently. Most people recieve this communication as a feeling of not being able to go on, with every part of their body crying out to not continue a particular part of their lifestyle, experiencing great weariness when faced with the prospect of taking a particular action.

God energises us to act in a particular way, and drains us of the ability to act in others.

Yet, having free minds, we can choose to go against the communication of god. We can choose to fight against the deep desire to act, cease, avoid, or wait. We can choose to act according to the beliefs we were taught by our families and community. The vast majority of these beliefs come from those who wish to exploit our ability to be free, to explait our labour and effort for their own gain, to rule over and control us. We hold tightly to these beliefs because we recieve them at a young age, before we are 7 – and from our loving, but decieved families. Our loyalty is our slavery to those who steal our effort and wealth.

In return for this mental loyalty to familial beliefs, we live a life of inner conflict, constantly denying the inspiration of god, unconscious of our true nature. Instead, we follow the ideas placed in our minds by our unconscious family and community. All of our power to create a world we would truly value and love living in, is usurped by the inner conflict forced upon us in our early youth.

We can begin to listen to the communication of our hearts, and start changing our lives into one worthy of an agent of god. Listent to the “heartfelt” inner urges, the ones that come from the center of the body, in the region of the heart organ. Its the same location from which we feel attraction and love for another.  It is god who decides who we love. The location is not any of those associated with bodily urges such as sex, hunger or fear.

Listen also to the minds reaction to these feelings, and question the validity of it. It is our mind that is taught to believe these bodily urges are the highest authority in our lives. Observe the conflict occurring within ourselves. We can decide for ourselves what is truly the best thing for our life and restore control over our own destiny. Whether or not we follow our hearts desire, or live in perpetual inner conflict, is OUR choice, and ours alone.

A great way to start is to remove from our lives things which we really hate or dread. Give it a try. Dare to say “no”.

29 September, 2013

Ubuntu 13 vs Fedora 19 (vs Windows 8): Sept 2013

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Recently i decided to try out Ubuntu and Fedora on my windows 8 laptop.

I chose these 2 distributions of linux-based OSs, because they have signed their kernels with microsoft. This means that they can run on windows 8 systems with ‘secure boot’ enabled. Thats the mode that prevents any unsigned software from booting on that computer. Setting up triple boot on my computer was a steep learning curve, but eventually possible. There is no single easy to follow guide for making everything work. The process isnt straightforward. There is more than one way to do it, but the only way to find out which of those ways actually works, is to try it out.

Once installed, Fedora was ready to go but the Ubuntu bootloader had to be repaired so that it could boot when secure boot is enabled. Then it was also ready to go. Both Fedora and Ubuntu showed the other systems in their boot menu, but the links didnt work. It took some time to fix that. They both use the same bootloader, Grub2, so it was a coin toss to decide which one to fix and use.

Basically, it comes down to the amount of time it takes to expand the capability of the system, before its able to do what you want. That is, installing software, new features, changing the desktop environment to suit your old habits or learning the way of that system. In Windows 8, that time is very short, with exceptions. In Ubuntu, its longer, and almost to be expected. In Fedora, it becomes the experience of the OS for the first part of using it.

Out of the box, Fedora and Ubuntu worked reliably and had some basic things installed. Just like windows 8. You can start doing things straight away, but expect to learn some new software names and how to get around your system. Dont forget that the new Windows 8 startup interface also requires a bit of getting used to – about 1 or 2 hours worth. Then you will realise that underneath the new screen, little has changed. 

The fun states when you want to start adding new software and playing around with settings.

In Windows 8 it is reasonable to expect everything will work, and this is true up to a point. That point is when you want to start using it to do things like develop apps, modify phone systems and install the software needed for that. At this point you will start needing the terminal window, that throwback to the 80s where you control the computer using text commands. But you will get it working soon enough. However, there are still problems with Windows 8 that are difficult if not impossible to fix. Time will be spent fixing or finding a way around it.

Ubuntu is trying to catch up to windows. Its quite reliable, and there are many things you can do using a graphical interface (in a window not the text terminal). But, you will need to use the terminal window, starting with the most straightforward changes. You will learn a few commands. Most things will work quite easily and you can continue getting things done. However, there will be problems that cause things to not work and it can be difficult to find out how to fix it. Given enough time, most problems can be solved. You will read a lot of tech formums. You will learn a lot. I tried installing an alternative interface but it left me fixing bugs, so i returned to the default and learned how to use its features, such as switching and opening new windows.

Fedora, while quite stable upon installation, doesnt handle changes as well as Ubuntu. There are a few bugs with the default interface but it wont stop you getting things done, and sometimes they can be fixed. Making changes to the settings may open a can of worms, or it may not. Try it and see. Installing new software and features will require you to use the text terminal. There is a graphical software interface which is easy to use – when it works. On the other hand, i find the Fedora Gnome interface the best. At first I thought it was a featureless void, but i learned how to use it and i can say that its really easy to quickly open and switch windows – more so than windows or the Ubuntu default.

Theres one important thing to say about customizing your system.

I strongly recommend reading/watching the tutorials and giving the new interface a good try before trying to make it the same as what you are used to. Its annoying to not be able to do what you want straight away, but it really doesnt take long to learn the handful of new tricks the new system suggests. It is likely that you will learn a quicker way to do what you want and eventually save a lot of time by giving up old habits. New technology is increasing the ways humans can control the actions of devices, and many of the old ways are unnatural compromises that we allowed ourselves to believe were user-friendly simply because there was no other choice.

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